Excellence is passing the test of time, It is prevailing amid the  inevitable changes of considered a “classic”. Vihan Tailors at 6010  Bergenline avenue, in West New York, NJ is not just a classic, but he  finest stores on the renowned “Miracle Mile’ commercial strip of Hudson  County and by all definitions of a true legend. Mr. Vihan and his  creation, dating back to over half a century ago, are both legendary.

In 1965, Mr. Vihan arrived in the United Sates from Europe and  brought with him an enormous desire to prosper and an incalculable,  highly accredited knowledge of the art of tailoring. He worked as a  tailor for six months and in 1966 set up his first shop on 57th Street,  off Bergenline Avenue; putting in motion one of the most formidable  custom tailoring enterprises of the area. It was around this time that  he was also able to fulfill his other personal dream of bringing his  wife and son to the United States.

In 1969, Mr. Vihan opened up the store at 6010 Bergenline, which has  been since then a landmark of superb tailoring and subsequently  complete fine clothing in the entire state of New Jersey for decades  prior, the iconic Schlesinger’s clothing store had set the standard of  excellence that would influence latter establishments like Vihan. When  Mr. Sydney Schlesinger sold his business in 1985, the proverbial honor  of being the next generation of superb tailoring and clothing store was  bestowed upon Mr. Vihan by his predecessor. During the next several  years after sale of his store, Mr. Schlesinger used to be seen quite  frequently at Vihan, engaged in long conversations with Mr. Vihan,  together evoking memories of a glorious past. In 1990 Mr. Vihan was  joined in his business by son Joe and since then store has been a  magnificent father and son operation.

Having served three different generations of happy satisfied  customers. A loyal and constantly increasing clientele primarily based  on referrals constitutes the badge of pride and distinction for the  Vihan family.

Quality off the racks, featuring the finest fabrics, sets Vihan  apart from the competition. Scabal from England, Zegna and Barbaris  front Italy are among the prestigious brand names offered by Mr. Vihan  and Joe, whose devoted personal touch would make you a client for life  after your initial visit. They specialize in custom suits and shirts.  Their large In-Stock Program of suits and jackets, ranging from 34 short  to 46 short; 36 regular to 64 regular is unique in the area. You will  also find one of the largest selections of shirts in all sizes and a  huge array of accessories in their ample and welcoming showroom. Gift  certificates are available and office and home appointments arc easily  arranged. All credits cards are accepted and Vihan Tailors offer free,  convenient parking in the rear of the store.

They open Monday thru Friday, front 10:00am to 7:00 pm and Saturday  from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Sundays arc by appointment only. Mr. Vihan’s  multiple accolades include membership and presidency of the United  States Custom Tailor Association. All custom tailoring and alterations  are masterfully done by Mr. Vihan and his assistants on the premises, at  6010 Bergenline Avenue, West New York, NJ. Most of the work is done  while you watt and alterations of garments purchased at Vihau are free  of charge. Their phone numbers arc 201-865-7010 and 201-865-8858.

Half century after their arrival on the thriving and glamour  Bergenline Avenue scene, Vihan Tailors remain forever and legendary.


Family owned & operated for over 50 years!


Stylish Elegance

Custom suits

Custom  Shirts

Largest Selection of in Stock Suits in the Area

Suits: 36-46 Short – 36-60 Regular -38-50 Long

Finest fabrics from Around the World (Zegna, Barberis, Scabal)

Large selection of Jackets, Slacks, Shirts, Ties, Shoes & accessories

All work done on premises by Mr. Vihan (Expert tailor for over 50 years)

Most alterations done while you wait at no charge